Looking for Startup to invest in ?

Be a part of this great growth story of putforshare by taking part in this crowdfunding initiative, get equity and grow your money and together lets grow.

Join us in our crowdfunding initiative

PutForShare is a platform with a purpose to protect, preserve, reuse, recycle every book on the planet by enabling people to re-sell and earn money from their doorstep with least effort.


Why should I invest in PutForShare.com ? How is it different from general crowdfunding that we are heard of ?

Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns where you support the maker by paying for one or multiple unit of the product that they sell, here in this PutForShare crowdfunding you get equity in exchange for your investment.

How much are we raising ?

We are raising 1 Cr for 10% to 20% of equity using SAFE ( Simple Agreement on Future Equity )  Instrument.

How does it work ?

We are scaling up our PutForShare operation and hence we are raising our seed fund as a crowdfunding initiative.

Yes, you may start thinking about your ROI (Return on Investment), thats the **coolest part**, yes its equity of the company.

What is the minimum amount that investor can invest ?

To appear on the cap table you should invest a minimum 5 Lakhs
To be part of syndicate you should invest a minimum of 2 Lakh

Who can invest in PutForShare ?

Anybody from India or outside India (NRI) Non Residential Indian, Angel Investor, VC Firm, Institutional Funds can invest in PutForShare.

Why didn’t you participate via any crowdfunding platforms ?

As a founder I don’t see any value for our startup.

What are the steps involved

We try to keep it simple and sweet and the entire process will not take not more than 5 to 6 weeks.

Step 1: Express your interest

Please express your interest by filling in this form. You will be hear from us within 8 hours about a one on one meeting or pitch meeting. The meeting will happen with in one or two days from the day you express your interest.

Step 2: Pitch - Online

 During one on one pitch you will  hear more about PutForShare, its vision, mission, fund utilization and also you can get all your questions clarify all your questions.

Step 3: Finalising the deal

After the pitch or one to one meeting you can give your commitment of how much you are willing to invest in. In 3 to 4 weeks time our legal team would get all the necessary paper work done. You can do the initiate the transfer of money you have committed to our bank account.
Founder & Lead Developer