Where can I Donate, Sell books in India ?


PutForShare is the easiest way to give away your books, earn money for your donation all from your doorstep.

Why should I donate books at PutForShare.com ?

Convert your Used Books into Money

Make money by donating your used books for a good value. All you can do this, just by sitting from your home.

Donate books anywhere from India

Get your books picked up from your doorstep by our Book Collection Team.

Earn Storecredits

Your books are valued as per quality and relevancy of the market trends and you would get storecredits in return for the books you donate. Your books will be awarded with storecredit, which you can track on your dashboard.

Utilizing Earned Storecredit

Use Storecredit to get some other books

Pay only 50% in your purchase, 50% will be automatically utilized from storecredit, Get your books delivered anywhere in india.

Earn Cash

Once your books get sold out. Your storecredit will deposited as cash your bank account. Or you can take back your books anytime.

Spread News, Get Buyers for your Books.

Spread good news about PutForShare.com. So that you can find potential buyers for all your books. Subsequently your books will be sold and you will earn money.

It's Our Responsibility​

Save Trees, Save Planet Earth

It takes 12 trees to make one ton of 100 percent non-recycled newsprint. Every year 5 Billion tonnes of paper are made. 4.12 Million tree are cut every year for the manufacturing of paper alone.

Reuse & Recycle

Lets learn to make it as a habit of Reusing, Recycling books. Books that you don't need might be of great value for someone. Lets make it happen.

Start Sharing Books, Start Earning Money! Across India!