Where can I sell used books online in India?

You can sell your outdated books online through any platform available on the internet, however, you must account for pick-up fees. You have to do the pickup yourself to the seller. In this case, putforshare.com can be very useful. PutForshare is a book-sharing platform that provides free pickup across India, Also you can donate books or sell books and earn money online all sitting from your doorstep.

Your home’s bookcases have probably gathered a variety of used books. If you’re prepared to begin de-cluttering to gain some space and earn some extra cash by de-cluttering, then sell those used books online at PutForShare. Many people make money selling their unwanted used books online. You, why not? Selling your used books is one method of earning additional money. You must get rid of your old textbooks after passing your exam to make room for your new ones. In this case, it is preferable to sell or donate your old used textbooks online, so that someone else can make use of them.

Can I sell used books online?

Yes. If you want to sell your used books for profit, then you can sell your books on online platforms.

Is selling used books online legal?

Yes, selling books online is legal as well as tax-free in India.

Is selling used books online profitable?

You can make decent cash by selling your used books online at PutForShare when compared to other roadside vendors. With hardback and rare editions fetching you a little extra, most paperbacks in good condition will bring you money.

Why should I sell used books through PutForShare?

  1.  PutForShare provides free pick-up across India.
  2. By selling your used books, you can earn money as store credits. As the books get sold off you start earning money. Once books worth 25% of your store credits are sold, your bank account will be credited.
  3. You receive store credits when you sell or donate your used books. As long as you don’t spend them, these store credits are valid. You simply need to pay half the price for any books you purchase at putforshare.com. Your store credits will be used to pay for the remaining 50%.
  4. By selling your used books, you can make more space for other essential items in your home.
  5. Reduced paper use can be accomplished by sharing old books. We can preserve trees by doing this. Sell or donate your used books to help protect the environment by saving forests.
  6. PutForShare accepts books from anywhere in India.
  7. Share the joy of reading by selling the books to someone else through putforshare.com.

PutForShare Store credit details

Let’s say you have earned Rs. 1000 /- as store credits.

You buy a few books worth 300/-

You only need to pay: 150/-

Store credit applied would be 150/-

Store credit balance after the purchase: 850/-

How can I sell books through PutForShare?

Create a user account in PutForShare.com for free.

You can choose one of the plans

Smart Sell

In Smart Sell, you send all the books to PutForShare Warehouse in one go.

PutForShare Team:

  1. Lists the products on the website.
  2. Manages the inventory.
  3. Does the order fulfilment every time an order is placed?
  4. Credits your earnings on a weekly basis to your registered UPI ID.

Self Sell

In Self Sell, you do the following


  1. You keep the inventory with you.
  2. List the products on the website.
  3. Manage the inventory.
  4. PutForShare notifies you every time an order is placed over email, SMS.
  5. You do the packaging for the order. You stick the shipping label that you get on the email and do the order fulfilment every time an order is placed.
  6. PutForShare pickup team arrives at your doorstep to get the package picked up and delivers to the buyer.
  1. You must now gather all of the used books and arrange them.
  2. Pack all of those used books in accordance with the putforshare.com packaging guidelines.
  3. You can schedule free pick-up at any time thats suits you.
  4. Take the invoice declaration printout.
  5. You must attach one of the invoice declarations to the carton box and provide the individual who comes to pick up the used books with another one.
  6. Once the books arrives at PutForShare.com facility, you will get notification on email and  your books will be listed on the website within 5 working days.
  7. You will receive store credits for giving your used books, and when the books are sold, you will get paid into your UPI ID or bank account.

What genres of used books can I sell online at PutForShare ?

Generally, PutForShare accepts all kinds of books, such as,

  • Action & Adventure
  • Arts, Film & Photography
  • Biographies, Diaries & True Accounts
  • Business & Economics
  • Children’s & Young Adult
  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Computers & Internet
  • Crafts, Hobbies & Home
  • Crime, Thriller & Mystery
  • Engineering
  • Exam Preparation
  • Health, Family & Personal Development
  • Health, Fitness & Nutrition
  • Historical Fiction
  • History
  • Humorous
  • Language, Linguistics & Writing
  • Law
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Maps & Atlases
  • Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Politics
  • Reference
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Romance
  • School Books from KG to Higher Secondary
  • Science & Mathematics
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Science, Technology & Medicine
  • Society & Social Sciences
  • Sports & games
  • Study materials from private institutions
  • Textbooks & Study Guides
  • Travel & Tourism

Textbooks from the following curricula are accepted by PutForShare,

  • CBSE
  • ICSE
  • Gujarat Board – Gujarati Medium
  • UP Board – Hindi Medium
  • Bihar Board – Hindi Medium
  • MP Board – Hindi Medium
  • Rajasthan Board – Hindi Medium
  • Uttarakhand Board – Hindi Medium

What language books can I sell ?

You can sell books in any language on PutForShare. Books written in all Indian regional languages as well as all international languages are accepted by putforshare.com.

What books are not allowed to sell ?

  • Used workbooks, as they are already used
  • Any pirated copies of books
  • Any spiral-bound photocopies of books