Why You Should Recycle Books in 2023 ?

  • Recycling books is not only good for the environment, but it also has many benefits for you and others. Here are some reasons why you should recycle books in 2023:
  • Reduce waste: Books are made of paper, which comes from trees. By recycling books, you can help reduce deforestation in a great way  and make this world a great place to live.
  • Help others: By donating your books to a library, school, or charity, you can help others learn, grow, and enjoy reading. You can also sell your books online and earn some extra cash.
  • Support the economy: The book industry employs many people and contributes to the economy. By recycling books, you can support this industry and create new opportunities.
  • Rise in cost of New books: Due to lack and demand of paper, cost of new books have increased drastically, it has become practically difficult for many of us to buy printed books

How to Recycle Books in 2023 ?

Now that you know why you should recycle books, let’s explore how to do it. Here are some ways to recycle books in 2023:

Donate to a library, school, or charity: 

Many organizations accept book donations and use them for educational or fundraising purposes. You can check with your local library, school, or charity to see if they need any books.

Sell online: 

You can sell your books online on platforms like PutForShare. This not only helps you earn some money, but it also helps other readers find and enjoy your books.

Trade with friends:

If you have friends who love to read, you can trade books with them. This way, you can share your favourite books and discover new ones without spending any money.


If your books are damaged or outdated, you can recycle them. Check with your local recycling centres or waste management facility to see if they accept books for recycling.


What is PutForShare ?

PutForShare  is a platform that allows individuals to recycle / upcycle books and earn money from it. 

The benefits of recycling books via PutForShare is multi folds:

  1. As a Seller you earn storecredits for the books that you recycle. Using the storecredits you can buy some other books from PutForShare.
  2. For individuals who buy books from PutForShare, it’s very inexpensive.
  3. Also a part of the earnings from the book sales goes for Scholarship for the Super Kids Programme
  4. PutForShare is committed to reducing waste and upcycling / repurposing the same, also making education affordable, also making it an excellent platform for those who want to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Here is how PutForShare helps you in the book recycling process

Free Doorstep Pickup: 

PutForShare offers you free doorstep pickup anywhere in India. All you need to do is choose SMART SELL plan, where PutForShare team will do the listing, manage inventory, and do the fulfilment, and you earn the profit while you sip your coffee in your recliner chair.

No Obligation to Donate:

PutForShare offers multiple options for selling or donating your used books. You can choose to sell or donate books. Also you can choose how much percent of books you want to sell like 50% for book donation and 50% for selling.  When you choose for book donation, the earnings goes for the scholarship for super kids programme.

Seller’s Dashboard:

All your book listing is displayed on your dashboard, you can track your earnings from your dashboard.

What you See is What You Get: 

Unlike other e-commerce store where they bait and swap(Where one product is shown on the website and when you get it could be a product that is similar but it could be of inferior quality), Every books / products have actual image of that particular book. Hence you get the exactly the same book / product you see on the website.

Buyer’s Protection / Easy & Quick Return :

PutForShare provides a secure platform, Buyers have “Easy & Quick Return” Policy where buyers can return the books if they are not satisfied with the quality.

Wide Audience:

By using PutForShare, you can reach a wide audience of potential buyers or donors. The platform has a large user base, including book enthusiasts, collectors, and those looking for affordable reading options. This makes it easier to find someone interested in your used books and to recycle them rather than throwing them away.

Environmentally Friendly:

By using PutForShare, you are contributing to a more sustainable future. Instead of throwing away your used books, you are recycling them by giving them a new home. This helps to reduce waste and promote a circular economy, where resources are reused rather than discarded.

Tips for Recycling Books in 2023

Recycling books may seem easy, but there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you do it right. Here are some tips for recycling books in 2023:

Sort your books:

Before you recycle or donate your books, make sure to sort them by category, condition, and age. This will make it easier for you and others to find and use them.

Remove personal information:

If you have written notes, highlighted passages, or personal information in your books, make sure to remove them before donating or selling them.

Remove personal items:

You might have some pictures, flowers, petals, leaves inside your books in sweet memories of your loved ones. Please make sure you remove them before you give them to recycling.

Pack them properly:

When shipping or donating your books, make sure to pack them properly to avoid damage. Use sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, or packing paper to protect them. You can check our package guideline and packaging checklist.