Donate Used Textbooks online in India

The used textbooks from the prior class or previous semester usually accumulate and gather dust in a room in your house, after you pass the exam. Sometimes, you need to get rid of those old textbooks because they take up lot of storage space. It might be better to donate those used textbooks to someone so that you can reclaim your storage / shelf space and at the same time it would be useful for others.
It’s a great news for school students and college students to give away used textbooks with free pickup from your college campus or college hostel or perhaps from your home.

Why should I donate my used textbooks or sell used textbooks at PutForShare ?

  1. You can earn money if you opt in for selling the books and earn cashback.
  2. You can do this easily from your doorstep without any trouble at ease by filling in few forms.
  3. You can also donate or sell or do both like sell 50% of the books and donate 50% of the books. There is no obligation for you to donate books.
  4. Sharing books entails sharing knowledge, as we all know.
  5. It’s always free pickup from anywhere in India. You can donate your used textbooks from any location in India. PutForShare accepts old books from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
  6. You can donate used textbooks so that it would be used for someone else
  7. Sharing books entails sharing knowledge, as we all know.
  8. Sharing books results in less paper being used. Since trees are used to make paper, we can conserve trees in this way.
  9. Cost of new books has raised 3 times to 5 times because of the increase in raw material (paper) cost and manufacturing cost. These donated books goes for reuse and recycling and it benefits a large variety of audiance.
  10. By donating used textbooks you save lot of trees being cut for paper manufacturing because, reused textbooks become a great alternative for new textbooks.

Other than used textbooks what else I can donate/sell at PutForShare?

PutForShare is launching [One Rupee Store] where you can give away any kinds of stuff where you can list the products and mark the price as one rupee. Anyone can buy it by paying only for delivery charges which will be automatically calculated on the putforshare website.

Used textbooks that you donate would be very useful

1. For college students and everyone who is moving out of college after completing their studies.
2. For school kids who have completed their class and moving on to the next class.
3. for students who are vacating college hostels.
4. It would be useful for anybody who is moving out of town because the cost of transporting is more than the actual cost of the items.
5. Instead you can list it on the website and anyone can grab it. One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure.
PutForShare headquartered in Bengaluru and operating PAN India comes in handy.

Where can I donate my used textbooks in Bangalore?

Even though there are numerous bookstores and libraries in Bangalore that would accept your outdated textbooks, transporting all of the old textbooks there is challenging. You can count on several groups in this circumstance to collect those used textbooks from your door. You do, however, typically have to pay pick-up fees for your used textbooks. PutForShare, located in Bangalore, provides free pickup of your old textbooks from your doorstep wherever you are.

About PutForShare

PutForShare is a book-sharing platform, where you can donate, sell, and buy used books. The allows you to earn money by sharing your old books.

What kinds of textbooks I can donate at PutForShare?

A list of textbooks you can donate at is given below.
  1. School books from nursery to Higher Secondary
  2. PUC books
  3. Medical College textbooks
  4. Law college textbooks
  5. Engineering college textbooks
  6. MBA or management studies textbooks
  7. JEE exam books
  8. NEET exam books
  9. Any exam preparation books
  10. Science and mathematics textbooks
  11. Social Studies textbooks
  12. History textbooks
  13. Geography textbooks
  14. Economics textbooks
  15. Political science textbooks
  16. Business studies textbooks
  17. Computer studies textbooks
  18. Any college textbooks
  19. Study guides and study materials from private institutions


Besides all kinds of textbooks, PutForShare also accepts all other kinds of books in different genres.
  1. Action & Adventure
  2. Arts, Film & Photography
  3. Biographies, Diaries & True Accounts
  4. Business & Economics
  5. Children & Young Adults
  6. Comics & Graphic Novels
  7. Computers & Internet
  8. Crafts, Hobbies & Home
  9. Crime, Thriller & Mystery
  10. Engineering
  11. Exam Preparation
  12. Health, Family & Personal Development
  13. Health, Fitness & Nutrition
  14. Historical Fiction
  15. History
  16. Humour
  17. Language, Linguistics & Writing
  18. Law
  19. Literature & Fiction
  20. Maps & Atlases
  21. Medicine & Health Sciences
  22. Politics
  23. Reference
  24. Religion & Spirituality
  25. Romance
  26. School Books
  27. Science & Mathematics
  28. Science Fiction & Fantasy
  29. Sciences, Technology & Medicine
  30. Society & Social Sciences
  31. Sports
  32. Textbooks & Study Guides
  33. Travel & Tourism

What curricula I can donate school textbooks from?

All kinds of textbooks from different curricula you can donate. A list of curricula is given below.
  1. CBSE
  2. ICSE
  4. Gujarat Board – Gujarati Medium
  5. UP Board – Hindi Medium
  6. Bihar Board – Hindi Medium
  7. MP Board – Hindi Medium
  8. Rajasthan Board – Hindi Medium
  9. Uttarakhand Board – Hindi Medium

What kinds of textbooks are not allowed to donate to PutForShare?

  1. Used workbooks, as they are already used
  2. Pirated copies of textbooks
  3. Spiral-bound photocopies of textbooks