PutForShare Donors Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Are there any pick fees for the books that we donate?

Pickup for books donated is FREE of cost.

Yea, there is no pickup fee for the books donated. Its paid by PutForShare to our pickup agent and PutForShare donors don’t need to pay any fees. This fee that PutForShare pays for the pickup agent would be subtracted from the total store credit that is awarded to you.

For example, if You donate 10 books, each book would be valued at Rs. 50/-
and Total store credits you will be awarded will be Rs. 500/-

Let’s say the pickup fee is: Rs. 100

Your effective store credit would be: Total store credit – pickup fees
500 – 100 = 400/-

Do you accept book donations from any place in India?

Yea, we accept book donations from any and every place in India.