Beginner’s E-Commerce Packaging Guide

E-commerce Packaging Guide

Beginner’s E-Commerce Packaging Guide Here are some detailed guidelines for good E-Commerce Packaging. This is something we have tried and tested in the past. We are putting this for your benefit. What kind of Packaging Tape should I use ? Always use 2 inch wide tape for packing purposes, its good to use a thick […]

What kinds books I can donate or sell online at PutForShare ?

What kinds of books I can donate or sell at PutForShare ? What kinds textbooks I can donate or sell or share at PutForShare ? You can donate or sell the following list of books at PutForShare Engineering Books MBA Books PUC Text Books LAW Books School Books – Pre KG to Hr. Sec. Books […]

What is the difference between “Smart Sell” and “Self Sell” at PutForShare ?

What is the difference between “Smart Sell” and “Self Sell” at PutForShare ? Smart Sell In Smart Sell, you send all the books to PutForShare Warehouse in one go. PutForShare team Lists the product on the website. Manages the inventory. Does order fulfilment. You Get your earnings as CASH to your UPI ID registered after […]

Packaging Checklist

E-Commerce Packaging Checklist

The Cardboard Box Please make sure you follow these guidelines while packaging for putforshare. ✔ The box is sturdy with no damage. ✔ The box is not bulging out. ✔ No rattling sound of the inside item when shaken. ✔ No wetness on the box.   Packing of the Box Please make sure you follow these guidelines […]


One Rupee Store

What is One Rupee Treasure Store? “One man’s Trash is another man’s Treasure” Anything that you consider useless could be useful for someone out there. So, if you want to give it, you can putforshare at One Rupee Store. It’s very simple. Mark the price as ₹ 1  and give the proper dimension of the product or package in Centimeters so […]

All about Store Credits

PutForShare Store Credits

All about PutForShare Store credits What does a Store Credit mean? Store Credit is a token or tentative value given for a book when we get it from the donor or seller. What is the use of Store Credit? You can use it to buy some other books at Every time you purchase books […]