What is the difference between “Smart Sell” and “Self Sell” at PutForShare ?

Smart Sell

In Smart Sell, you send all the books to PutForShare Warehouse in one go.

PutForShare team

  1. Lists the product on the website.
  2. Manages the inventory.
  3. Does order fulfilment.


  1. Get your earnings as CASH to your UPI ID registered after every order fulfilment.

Self Sell

In Self Sell, YOU do everything.

  1. You do the listing of all your books on the website.
  2. You manage the inventory.
  3. You receive a notification over email and SMS from PutForShare every time an order is placed.
  4. You do the packaging for the order. You stick to the shipping label that you get on the email and do the order fulfilment every time an order is placed.
  5. PutForShare pickup team arrives at your doorstep to get the package picked up and delivers it to the buyer.