Are you trying to buy and sell second hand book in India ? or you are a book lover in India looking to build your collection without burning your pocket much ? Do you love the idea of owning a unique book with a history and character all its own? Second-hand books are the perfect solution! But finding the right second-hand books can be a challenge, especially if they’re out of print or rare. 

Challenges in Buying Second-Hand Books in shops

Buying second-hand books can be an affordable and eco-friendly option, but it can also come with some challenges. From availability to quality control and shipping costs, finding the right book in the right condition at the right price can be tricky.

You have to go to one of these places like 

  1. Church street in Bengaluru, one of the happening roads in Bengaluru.
  2. Moore Market in Chennai which is adjacent to Chennai Central Railway Station.

The books are not organized, you have to find the books by yourself. It could be taking a long time if you are not lucky enough. Many times you have to search in many shops and your luck is always dependent on the shop owner to find the book you are searching for.

Another problem with second hand books shops is you may need to negotiate for the price otherwise you would end up paying a lot for the books.

Enter – the online platform that makes buying and selling used books in India a breeze! In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of second-hand books online in India and show you how can help you find the books you’re looking for. Get ready to discover a world of affordable, eco-friendly, and unique books at your fingertips!

Advantages with buying second hand books from

  1. You can great collection of books more than ten thousands of books in many different genres
  2. You  can search for them just siting at your home and scrolling on your mobile phone.
  3. You can also place your order and get the book delivered at your doorstep.
  4. You get free shipping for your purchase of minimum 499/-
  5. From time to time putforshare offers promotions / promo codes where you can buy books at discounted rates.

Advantages of Selling your second hand books via

You can not only buy books at, You can also sell your second hand books at, here is how it works.

Sell your used books and earn money from your doorstep

Smart Sell:

  • Send all your books to PutForShare Warehouse in one go
  • PutForShare Team manages inventory, lists products, does order fulfilment, and credits earnings on a weekly basis to your registered UPI ID

Self Sell:

  • Keep the inventory with you
  • List the products on the website and manage inventory
  • PutForShare notifies you every time an order is placed
  • Do the packaging and order fulfilment every time an order is placed
  • PutForShare pickup team arrives at your doorstep to pick up the package and deliver to the buyer


All about Store Credits:

  • Store Credit is a tentative value given for a book when PutForShare receives it from a donor or seller.
  • You can use Store Credit to purchase other books on PutForShare’s website, with 50% of the book’s cost automatically deducted from your available Store Credit.
  • If you don’t need the Store Credit, you can transfer it to a friend by emailing with your registered email and your friend’s registered email.
  • Generally, Store Credit does not expire until it is used up by the donor or someone else.


One Rupee Treasure Store

  • One Rupee Treasure Store is a platform on PutForShare where you can sell items for just ₹1 plus shipping costs.
  • You can list anything you no longer need or want on the store, as long as it’s in good condition and can be shipped.
  • To add a product, sign up on, click “Add Product,” fill in the details, and set the price as ₹1.
  • The One Rupee Treasure Store is perfect for selling items like toys, stationery, kitchen utensils, and cookware.
  • The store is a great way to give your unwanted items a second life and connect with buyers who are looking for them.
  • Products listed in the One Rupee Treasure Store cannot be returned, but you can list them on PutForShare if you need to resell them.


Scholarship for the Super Kids:

  • A programme to support capable and deserving needy students.
  • Book donors/sellers can donate their store credits for this programme.
  • Eligibility: 9th standard to postgraduate students from Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Karnataka.
  • Benefits: Free academic books and financial support throughout academic life.
  • Eligibility criteria:
    • Outstanding academic track record or school/class topper.
    • Marvellous achievements in studies or life.
    • Budding scientist.
    • Struggling due to financial constraints.
    • Special child or physically challenged.
    • Possess supercomputer-like capabilities.
  • Not eligible: Meme creators, Tiktok/Youtube/Musically video creators.
  • List of students availing this scholarship is available.


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