How should I receive packages that I receive from online orders ?

How should I receive packages that I receive from online orders ?

In Short: Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect.

as we are amidst COVID19 / Novel Corona Virus pandemic, The only way to avoid being contracted from this virus infection is disinfect the items that comes to your home, whether you bring it or its brought to you by someone.

How long Corona Virus stay on Surface ?

Lets first understand the life span of the virus on various surface of objects.

Plastic – 5 days

Wood – 4 days

Stainless Steel – 48 Hrs

Surgical Gloves – 4 – 5 days

Paper – 4 to 5 days

Glass – 4 days

How long Corona Virus stay on various surface as given by world health organisation

Good Choice of Disinfectants available

  1. Ultra Violet Rays are good disinfectant.
  2. Natural source of Ultra Violet Rays are Sun.
  3. UV Lamp are another good source of UV Rays.
  4. Chlorine – in any form, be it like fumes. or Sodium Hypo Chlorite.
  5. Common Salt – NaCl , Sodium Chloride is a great disinfectant. Its still used in hospitals as saline.0 .9 % of Sodium Chloride solution is called Normal Saline.

How do disinfect Non Edible Items ?

This guide should be used only for Non edible items like

  1. Books
  2. Electronic Products
  3. Mobile Phones
  4. Other products.

Dos, What should I do when I receive the package that I ordered online ?

Delivery executive should drop the package on the floor.

Instruct the delivery person to keep the package on the floor.

This would ensure social distancing and dropping Preferably on the floor which is exposed to sunlight is very effective. Sunlight contains Ultra Violet rays which is a great disinfectant, Hence for the same reason water purifier comes with UV Light, which is artificial source of ultraviolet rays.

Allow it for as many days like 2 to 5 days as many days as possible for that surface of the package to be disinfected completely.

Keep a dustbin outside your house to put all these packaging materials and put everything only in that dustbin. Collect it seperately for the entire month and then if they are paper based material, you can burn it or if it is polyethene based material like plastic cover you can safely dump it in the garbage collection vehicle. Now it can safely be collected.

Wash your hands after you open the package.

Wash your hands after you open the package. if possible, you can wash the products also. Also you can spray the sanitizer or Iso Propyle Alchol on the gadget if its electronic gadget.

Ultra Violet Rays are great source to disinfect.

You can use any gadgets like Ultra Violet Lamps, UV Disinfectant Box alternatively if you can offord it.

Side Note:

The garbage collection assitant or the driver will be more immune than you and me, because they are exposed to lots of germs and virus on a day in day out basis.

Don’t, What I am not supposed to do when receiving the package that I ordered online ?

Don’t receive the package in hand

Do not receive the package in your hand, as the virus might be on the surface of the package and you might get contracted by the virus.

Don’t bring in the packaging covers inside home.

Don’t bring in any packaging covers material inside the house, as kids or other people may try to pick it, play with it. if it contains the active live virus on the surface. He or she may be infected. Dispose off the packaging material cover in a seperate dust bin and burn it if possible or dispose after several days of the last used day( Ie. Suppose the dust bin gets full today, wait for one week and then you can dispose off in the BBMP or Govt. Waste management vehicle.

Don’t wash electronic products

Don’t wash Electronic Products like mobile phone, laptops. This is a no-brainer / common lesson.

Don’t keep batteries under the sun.

Don’t keep batteries under the sun, they might explode and cause serious injuries.

Please share any procedures that you use in the comments below, or if there is any technical mistakes in this article, you might be an expert in epidemiology or virology or any other field of science if you have anything to add, you are most welcome to drop your comments.


How long the Corona Virus live on various surfaces – World Health Organisation

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