Are there any book sharing platforms in India?

Yea, Perhaps you have some perks too, Keep reading you would find it quite interesting.

Reasons for why is the best book sharing platform in India:

  1. You get valued for the books you are sharing. You will be given store credits, which is publicly announced on their FB Page and on our Twitter page.
  2. You are given very decent store credits for the books you are sharing. For more info Put For Share.
  3. Sweet spot is, using the store credit you can get some other books from their collection.
  4. Fill in the Donate Books Form on website. We will arrange for the pickup.
  5. Books that are donated or shared gets reused by someone via website at guaranteed lowest price.
  6. You will be given store-credit ( Money that will be credited in account and with that store-credit you can use to get some other books ) 

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