Test your C Plus Plus Skills ( C++ )  Paperback

by Yashwant Kanetkar

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Test your C ++ skills, published in 2002, comprehensively explains the complicated fundamental principles of C++, which is one of the most popular programming languagesin the world. Developed in 1979, It is used on a wide range of platforms, including hardware and OS. This book has been designed to help readers understand the strengths of this language. The author has carefully structured this guide, so that key concepts are explained one at a time. This ensures that programmers are not overburdened with too much information. Test your C++ skills starts off with an introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP), and moves onto topics like inheritance, virtual functions, and input/output C++....read more

Labeled under : C and C++ C++ C++ Skills OOPS Programming Languages
Author(s) : Yashwant Kanetkar
Book Quality :Used: Acceptable (good to use)
ISBN 10 : 8176565547
ISBN 13 : 9788176565547
Number of Pages: 384 Pages
Cover Type: Paperback
Average Rating: 4 of 5
Publisher : BPB Publishers
Published Year : 2003
Product ID : 6820
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