Mcqs in Computer Science 4th Edition Paperback

by Timothy J Williams

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This book is designed to bridge the gap between concept and application for Computer Science and Information Technology students. This book will facilitate undergraduate andgraduate students in assessing their potential and score high in competitive examinations like GATE and other PSU exams. Features: Excellent coverage of essential topics like C Programming, Mathematical Foundations, Automata Theory, Digital Logic and Computer Organization 2000 Multiple-Choice Questions with complete solutions Updated with new questions from GATE question papers of 2011, 2012 and 2013 Table of Contents: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Digital Logic and Computer Organization Programming with C Object Oriented Programming using C++ Programming with Java Data Structures and Algorithms Operating Systems Unix Database Management Systems SQL* PLUS, SQL and PL/SQL Automata Theory Principles of Programming Languages Principles of Compiler Design System Software Software Engineering Computer Networks Computer Graphics General Aptitude Questions form GATE Question more

Author(s) : Timothy J Williams
Book Quality :Used: Looks Good
ISBN 10 : 0071077693
ISBN 13 : 9780071077699
Edition :4th Edition
Number of Pages: 445
Cover Type: Paperback
Average Rating: 3.9
Number of Ratings: 70
Number of Reviews: 70
Publisher : McGraw Hill Education
Published Year : 2011
Amazon Seller Rank : 3.9of5
Product ID : 6961
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