Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights 1st Edition Paperback

by V K Ahuja

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The TRIPs Agreement evolved minimum standards for copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, layout-design of integrated circuits and undisclosed information, which includes trade secrets.The subject of intellectual property rights has become extremely important since then. The member states of TRIPs Agreement were under an obligation to amend their laws relating to intellectual property rights to bring them in conformity with the provisions of TRIPs Agreement. India has also enacted new laws on designs, trademarks, plant varieties and farmer's rights, geographical indications, semiconductor integrated circuits layout designs and amended the Copyright Act and Patents Act drastically. This book is an attempt to discuss and analyze the law on intellectual property rights in India in very simple language. The book also discusses know-how and licences to give an overall picture of the law on intellectual property rights. A summary of all the international agreements, treaties and conventions on the subject has also been provided to familiarise the readers with these treaties. Several Indian and English cases have also been referred, making it lucid. This book will fulfill the demands of students studying intellectual property more

Author(s) : V K Ahuja
Book Quality :Used: Looks Good
ISBN 10 : 8180381439
ISBN 13 : 978-8180381430
Edition :1st Edition
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Published Year : 2010
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