Investment Banking: Concepts, Analyses and Cases  Paperback

by Pratap Subramanyam

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With the deepening of financial markets and fast-paced transformation of the corporate landscape, Investment Banking as a branch of financial services has assumed high importance. InvestmentBanking: Concepts, Analyses and Cases has been written to provide conceptual understanding and analyses of the investment banking processes. Divided into two parts, the book covers: Part 1: Capital markets, securities and issuances, law and regulatory mechanisms, types of capital market securities and issues. Part 2: Global and Indian investment banking, major functions of a full service investment bank-underwriting, issue management, private equity, buybacks and de-listing, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. Other highlights of the book: Coverage of the subject from Indian and international perspectives with comparative analyses of systems followed in Indian and US capital markets. 100 caselets, 60 detailed case studies, illustrated cases and worked out problems from Indian and international corporate sector. Self-test questions at the end of chapters. Numerous exhibits, tables and illustrations. End of the book problems and cases with solutions. Investment Banking would be useful to professionals in capital markets, corporate finance and financial services. Also students pursuing MBA, CA, ICWA, ACS, CFA, CFM and other capital market courses would find the book more

Author(s) : Pratap Subramanyam
Book Quality :Used: Looks as New
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ISBN 13 : 9780070656901
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Publisher : McGraw Hill Education
Published Year : 2007
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