Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture Vol. I 5th Edition paperback


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"As the convergence of voice and data networks continues apace, understanding the Internet is all the more important for the 21st century telecommunications engineer. Thefifth edition of Comer's classic continues to serve as the premiere guide." -Dr. Vinton Cerf, SVP Technology Strategy, MCI, and co-inventor of TCP/IP "The best-written TCP/IP book I have ever read. Dr. Comer explains complex ideas clearly, with excellent diagrams and concise presentation. With this edition, Dr. Comer makes this classic textbook contemporary." -John Lin, Bell Laboratories "The 2005 Comer eclipses prior vintages, with scents of VolP, RSS, and MPLS. it is weighty yet approachable..." -Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS) Generations of professionals have relied on Douglas Comer's Internetworking with TCP/IP for a clear and accessible introduction to the protocols and technologies that make the Internet work. Now, Comer has thoroughly revamped Volume 1 of his classic guide, sharpening its focus on today's most widely used Internet protocols and technologies, as well as those that are rapidly growing in importance. Thsi Fifth Edition retains the approach that has made previous editions so valuable. Comer carefully explains the essential concepts and mechanisms of internetworking, demonstrating how networks can be architected to function as one unified communication system. He clearly introduces internetwork design principles, their motivations, and implications. This extensively revised Fifth Edition: • Contains new and enhanced coverage of MPLS, IP Switching, and real-time services-especially VolP • Includes an entirely new section on traffic management, queuing, and scheduling • Presents up-to-the-minute discussions of Internet security and firewalls, including the technology underlying stateful firewalls • Offers new and updated introductions to IPSec network design, IP routing, and the latest IPv6 features • Systematically introduces Private Network Interconnection via both NAT and VPNs • Shifts from classful to CIDR addressing, with new examples highlighting modern hardware • Updates its extensive TCP coverage to include Selective Acknowledgements (SACK), Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN), and fast retransmit more

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Book Quality :Used: Looks Good
ISBN 10 : 8120329988
ISBN 13 : 9788120329980
Edition :5th Edition
Number of Pages: 684 pages
Cover Type: paperback
Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 46 customer reviews
Publisher : prentice hall india learning private limited; 5 edition (2006)
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