Exploring C  paperback

by Yashwant Kanetkar

Quality:Used: Acceptable (good to use)
 4 of 5 , 100 reviews


If you are new to C, this book will teach you how to explore the immense potential of C, with supporting illustrations and lucid explanationsto elusive solutions. If you are already a C professional who has explored the highways, then exploring C takes you to the lanes and by lanes… and we are sure you would meet quite a few eyeopeners which would challenge your very understanding of this wonderful language. In short exploring C is an experience for roving minds and winged imaginations, where you pause and appreciate anew the intricacies of what C embodies. And the end result is a new sense of enlightenment… a fresh confidence...read more

Author(s) : Yashwant Kanetkar
Book Quality :Used: Acceptable (good to use)
ISBN 13 : 8176566330
Number of Pages: 513 pages
Cover Type: paperback
Average Rating: 4 of 5
Number of Reviews: 100 reviews
Publisher : BPB Publishers
Published Year : 2005
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