Copycat Marketing 101  paperback

by Burke Hedges

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 4.2 of 5 of 5, 168 user reviews


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Readers looking for a good read on motivation and network marketing will find this book very interesting. The book was first published in 2010, andhas been popular since then. The book Copycat Marketing 101 has been written by Burke Hedges. In this book, the author describes the surreal situations that the contemporary society is steeped in. He explains how the system encourages profit-making and does not focus on making wealth. The book highlights the fact that the system is encouraging the notion of following others and does not support individuality. The book, then, explains how people get stuck in this loop of imitations and find it difficult to come out of it. He explains how leverage is very important for the creation of wealth, and how it can be used for growth. He emphasizes that a person who has time in hand is probably wealthier than the one who doesn’t on the grounds that the former has a chance of having some mental peace. The book can be very interesting for people who are looking for inspiration for their dreams and want to make it big someday. It teaches how common people can ascend the ladder of success without getting stuck in the phenomenon of running for money. The book teaches some very vital formulae for monetary freedom by opening the right more

Author(s) : Burke Hedges
Book Quality :Used: Looks Good
ISBN 10 : 8182744466
ISBN 13 : 9788182744462
Number of Pages: 128
Cover Type: paperback
Average Rating: 4.2 of 5
Number of Reviews: 168 user reviews
Publisher : PENTAGON PRESS; Revised Edition edition
Published Year : 1 February 2010
Product ID : 6466