Book-Keeping and Accountancy  Paperback

by S N Maheshwa

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Book-keeping is the recording of financial transactions and part of the process of accounting in business to include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by anindividual person or any business. It is all about recording and organising financial data that accountants take that data to prepare reports and get them ready for audit. Accounting is responsible for interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting, and summarizing the financial data. Bookkeeping and accounting may appear to be the same profession to an untrained eye, this book will provide more

Labeled under : Accountancy Accounting Bachelor of Commerce Class 12 Books Costing Financial Accounting Financial Management Management Accounting Workbook
Author(s) : S N Maheshwa
Book Quality :Used: Looks Good
Number of Pages: 231
Cover Type: Paperback
Publisher : Vani Publisher
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