Blood Sisters: 5 (Katie Maguire) Reprintth Edition Paperback

by Masterton, Graham

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Katie Maguire never thought Ireland's nuns would need her protection... In a nursing home on the outskirts of Cork, an elderly nun has been suffocated inher sleep. It looks like a mercy-killing – until another sister from the same convent is found floating in the Glashaboy river. The nuns were good women, doing God's work. Why would anyone want to kill them? But then a child's skull is unearthed in the garden of the nuns' convent, and DS Katie Maguire discovers a fifty-year-old secret that just might lead her to the killer... if the killer doesn't find her more

Labeled under : Crime thriller
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Author(s) : Masterton, Graham
Book Quality :Used: Looks as New
ISBN 13 : 9781784081355
Edition :Reprintth Edition
Number of Pages: 368
Cover Type: Paperback
Publisher : Head of Zeus
Published Year : 2016-02-11
Product ID : 12125
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