Packaging Guidelines


Packaging Guidelines


Don’t Use

Brown Tape or Transparent Tape with minimum 2 inches wide Tape with less than 2 inches wide

Using Carton box is a good practice

Polythene Bags with Handles

Don’t use poly-bags for packing more than 2 books.

Bubble Wrap

If you have bubblewrap that would be good.

Black Polyethene Bags

Don’t use polybags for packing more than 2 books.

Thermocol Balls of any size Jute Bags

Thermocol Sheet of any thickness

You can use thermocols too at all sides of the box. Bottom and all four sides.

You can cut sheets of it and put it on the bottom of the packaging and on all the four sides of it as a shock absorbers.
Please avoid spaces inside the box. This will avoid movement and damage of the books.

Used or Old Luggage Bags or School Bags

Foam Sheet of any thickness

Alternatively you can use foam sheets, This you can find in your TV or other appliances packaging

Damaged Cardboard Box

Do not use Damaged CardboardBox, Damaged Packaging would be rejected summarily.

Shredded Paper For Packing


Otherwise you could cut news papers as strips and use it for safe transport of the book.

Torn Cardboard Box

Don’t Use Crushed, Torned Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Box

Use Only Carton boxes to Pack books.
Always make sure you send books in a good carton box.
Use Sturdy Cardboard boxes,You can reuse your boxes that you got along with the appliance you bought recently.
Inspect the box for holes, tears, crushed edges and sturdiness.
Avoid poor quality boxes for the safety of the item shipped

No Spaces inside the Packaging
Please make sure there is no free space inside the cardboard box. Avoid this space with some cushioning with papers.

Bulged Cardboard Box

Don’t use bulged cardboard box when you are packing, as it will get opened during the transit easily.


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