Donor’s Guide

What kind of books can I share?

We accept following kinds of books

  • Engineering Text books
  • Medical text books
  • Story books
  • Novels
  • Fictions
  • Non fictions
  • Biographies

We accept following Study materials for NEET, IIT JEE and other Entrance Examination guides by

  • Byjus
  • Aakash
  • Allen
  • Fiitjee
  • Bansal
  • VMC’s correspondence course
  • Pace IIT,Medical Courses
  • UPSC Entrance Examination books
  • CAT Entrance Examination books

What kinds of books I cannot share with ?

We don’t accept these following books

  1. Magazines
  2. Periodicals
  3. Xerox or Photocopied or Spiral bound study material even if they are in very good conditions.

What is the benefit of sharing books at ?

When you share books at you get storecredits on your putforshare account, which you can use to buy some other books from putforshare.

How do i share book at ?

Its very simple. Please signup and fill in the book donation form at

I am not from Bengaluru, Can I Still donate books at ?

Yea, absolutely. You can donate books anywhere from India.

Should I pay for the doorstep pickup ?

There is a nominal fees for the doorstep pickup. Depending on the weight and distance of your place.

Are there any other book donation options ?

if you find self pickup is convenient for you. You can also do Self Pickup, You can send your books to our warehouse directly to this address, There will be no pickup fees for this, as you are doing the pickup.

12, 1A Cross,
Abbaiah Reddy layout,
Kaggadasapura Main Road,
Bengaluru 560 093,
+91 97394 18565

What is the benefit I get on donating / sharing Books ?

You get Storecredit for the books that you are sharing in INR value. You can use that to buy some other books in

Storecredits and its Utilization

What is Storecredit ?

store credit is a money offered by to a customer who shares or donates books. It can’t be withdrawn. Storecredit of PutForShare will be in INR only. Storecredit can be used to buy other book at PutForShare. You may share storecredit with others, as you send and receive money. Only difference is Storecredit will be used only in Both the person who sends are receives store credit should have an account in

How much of storecredit will I get ?

This depends on the quality of the book and relevancy of the book. Relevency means old edition of the book would be like outdated, they might lack few chapters which the new edition of the same book, hence its not very relevent in the current period. Hence it would be valued low.

How a book is valued ?

A book is valued based on its MRP and its quality or condition.

For Books that looks like NEW, it would be 40 % to 50 %
For Books that looks like Old, it would be 20 % to 30 %
For Books that looks very old, it would be 5 % to 15 %

Can I see how much storecredit a particular book gets ?

Yes, you can see it on your account dashboard, for each book how much storecredit you get.

Can I decide on how much storecredit a book should get ?

You can always request for re-assessment for the books. However, its always at the discretion of Quality appraiser on how a book is valued. Decision of the Putforshare appraiser is the final.

Can I take back the books after sharing / donating ?

Yes, you can always take your books that you have shared anytime you want, as a self pickup. Putforshare can support the process, but its you have to pay for the pickup cost.

How does storecredit is utilized when you purchase a book ?

Lets say you donated few books and get Rs. 700/- storecredit. Storecredit will be applied to the book value only and not for the shipping fees.

Now you are buying couple of books after getting the storecredit.

Total cost of the purchased books: 400/-
Applicable Delivery charge 30
Store credit applied (50% of total value) 200/-
You pay (200 + Delivery Charges) 230
Your balance storecredit: 500/-




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  1. Yes we accept UPSC, CAT Entrance Examination, graduate-level chemistry textbooks, NCERT books and Guides. Also we have updated this blog post accordingly. Thanks for your question.

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