Buyers Guide

What do you mean by PutForShare?

As it reads, it means this website can be used to reshare the books that you don't use any more. is all about putting used / old books for sharing with other people. People can post the books that they have read or books that are just lying on the shelves and share with others.

Are these books in PDF or EPub Format ?

These books are physical books in paper, We don't have books in PDF or EPub format, For those kinds of books you can search on the internet.

Is there COD available ?

Yes, you can have COD. However there would be COD charges of Rs. 50/- upto order value of 2500/- above that it would be 2 % of the order value. Its better pay early and avoid hassle of keeping the cash in hand ready at the delivery time.

I am looking for a specific book, but its not available currently at, Can you notify me when someone donates that book I am looking for?

Yes, absolutely. Please fill in the details of the book in this wishlist form. You will be notified once the book is donated by someone.

How many days it takes for the book to be delivered to my house?

It generally depends on 1 to 5 days depending on your location. You can always track your shipment from your dashboard.

Can I return the book that I have purchased ?

Yes, You can return the book that you have purchased. There would be refund for your purchase also. Please read refund-policy for more details.

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