Online Volunteering (Very Limited Seats only)

Volunteer at and get Free Access to read unlimited number of books at

Free Read and Return any number of books from your home. Sounds cool !!

What is it like Online Volunteering at ?

* There would be editing of content on the website.
* Adding Pictures, Editing Pictures.
* Creating Simple Textual content.

What you should be capable of, for Volunteering ?

* You can be anywhere from India.
* You can be in any age limit, male or female.
* You should have a good Internet connection with minimum of 8 Mbps speed.
* You should have a good computer / laptop to work with.
* Good to know how to use search on the internet.
* Know how to edit HTML pages.
* We love intellectual, and people who has passion towards books.
* We love people who are compassionate to everyone and works as a team.

* There would be 3 to 4 Hours a day minimum of contribution and minimum of 6 days a week ( 6 x 4 = 24 Hours )

What are the Perks ?

* Pick maximum of 3 books at a time for 30 days of timeline.
* One can do this for any number of months.
* To enrich your knowledge with your choice of your interest at No Cost.
* Access to unlimited books at catalog to read.
* You can choose any book that is AVAILABLE.
* Return the 3 books on or before the date of RETURN.
* Fine will be attracted if it is not returned on or before the DATE OF RETURN. for everyday there will be a fine of Rs. 5/- from the date of return.
* Its volunteer’s responsibility to pick the book from the warehouse and return the book at the warehouse without any damage.
* Damage / LOST / Theft of the book will attract a fine that is equal to the Cost of the book at
* There will be a INR 1000/- Caution Deposit at the time of joining,  Caution deposit is 100% Refundable.

I am Interested, What should I do now ?

If you love to apply for this volunteering position.

email to :
hi at with the
Interested Online Volunteering For & Your Mobile Number

Apply Online

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