Frequently Asked Question

  1. What do you mean by PutForShare?

    As it reads, it means this website can be used to reshare the books that you don't use any more. is all about putting used / old books for sharing with other people. People can post the books that they have read or books that are just lying on the shelves and share with others.

  2. What kind of books can I share?

    You can share any kind of books which is lying on your shelves. It could be of any genre. It can be Text Books that you don't use anymore. Photocopies of study materials of college students. Also make sure you don’t share any books that are banned by Govt. of India and Pornographies.

  3. Can I Share PDF or E-Books? is for sharing real books not for soft copies of books or E-Books.

  4. Do I need to login to share/receive a Book?

    You can easily use your Facebook or Google Login credentials and its FREE. We don't store any of your google / facebook password in our database.

  5. How to share a book?

    Once you sign up on You can take a picture of the book and add few information like Book Name and Description. Also Mention a nearby public place like Park / Place of Worship / Nearby BusStop / College Campus where you can share the book.

  6. How do i get a book?

    Once you login to you can find lot of books available for you. You can Make a request there, and if the owner agrees to give you, you will be connected with the book owner with his contact information.

  7. Who will pick-up and deliver the book? is all about sharing enabling platform. You can bring the book to the sharepoint that you mention and share it with the requester.

  8. What is a Sharing point?

    Any Restaurant or Any shops or Place of Worship, School, College, Bus Stop that are at your nearby places is a great places where you can drop the books or receive the books from the owner.

  9. What if the sharer does not share the book after accepting the request?

    Once the sharer commits to share his book with someone, you would get the contact number of the person. So you can get in touch and collect the book.

  10. Can I get back my book? is all about sharing the books that you don't use. However if the requester is giving by himself to the owner, You can take it as the owner of the book.#putforshare on the website after using.

  11. How long, me, as a receiver can keep the book with myself?

    As long as you would like to use. However we strongly encourage using the book for a period of one or two months and put for share on the same platform, so that others can use and be benefited from it in two or three months.

  12. What if I don’t share the book again after receiving the book?

    You can take a time say a month or two. Later, #putforshare on website.

  13. What happens if I forget to collect the book from the owner?

    We request both the sharer and the requester to meet at their earliest and make the sharing happen.

  14. What if the requester and owner of the book is residing in different cities ?

    Say for example Ramesh who owns the book "Bagavat Geetha" is residing in Madurai, and Kumar who needs "Bagavat Geetha" is staying in Bangalore. So Kumar can pay for the delivery of the book, and provide his address. Ramesh can send the book via Courier.

Technical Freequently Asked Questions

  1. I get this following error: "Unable to Complete Previous Operation due to Low Memory I get this error when I am uploading Images via Chrome?"

    This seems to be a known issue in Chrome. Pls check this link for more info.

    In that case, We kindly request you to use UC Browser or Firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.